Ticket sales and events in one overview.

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The first option in the main menu is the Dashboard. This is an overview of the current state of your ticket sales, and a list of your upcoming events. This is handy if you mainly use Stager for ticket sales and want to check the standings at a glance or quickly navigate to your upcoming events.

Tickets sold & revenue

The graph gives you a clear overview of your ticket sales over the past 7 or 28 days. The chart shows:

  • Turnover shown in euros; The green line shows the turnover per day. This is the ticket price + ticket fee. You can read the total revenue on the left side of the graph.

  • Number of tickets sold; The dark purple bars show the tickets sold. You can read the total amount of tickets on the right side of the graph.

  • Number of free tickets; The light purple part of the bar graph shows the number of free tickets.

  • Click on the bar to see the distribution of tickets-by-event in a pop-up.

If you move your mouse over any of the graphs, you will see the exact numbers and turnover for each day. The total amounts for the entire period can be found in the blocks above the graph.

Last week & upcoming events

Below the graph you will find a list of events which have taken place in the last 7 days and those still to come. Here you can see, per event, where it takes place and information about ticket sales.

The list also contains the first 10 events that happened from a week ago. You can load more forthcoming events by clicking 'Load more'.

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