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Creating email templates
Creating email templates

How to quickly create and fill a fixed mailing template.

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If you like to send your ticket buyers an update email before the start of the event or if you work with recurring elements in mailings, it is best to work with email templates. With a template you create a fixed format and fill it with standard information.

Under Marketing - Mail templates you will find an overview of all existing templates. Create a new one by clicking the button '+ New template' at the top right. Click on an existing template to open and edit it.

In both cases the mail editor opens. This looks exactly like when you create a mailing to send, but you cannot add recipients in the template. It is also not possible to add a guest ticket, that can only be done in a fresh mailing. For an explanation of the various components, read this overview.

In the meantime you can send test emails to yourself to check the result. When you are satisfied with the template, don't forget to save it. Next time you create a new mailing, you can choose from the list of templates or go for a fresh mailing.

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