Required documents for accounting

Receipt, invoice, payout statement, sales reports.

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To correctly register the cash flow in your administration, use the following files. You can download this directly from the Stager backstage.

1. Receipt

The receipt is an invoice that you receive at the end of the month showing all costs collected by Stager for the use of the ticketing service in the previous month. On the Receipt you will see for each payment method:

  • Number of tickets sold with each payment method

  • Costs incl. VAT per payment method

  • The VAT withheld by Stager

You will normally receive an email on the 4th of the month to say your invoice is ready in the Stager backstage. We will send this email to the Billing email address specified in Stager. You then download the Receipt via Settings - Account - Billing.

2. Invoice

If you also use Stager's planning tools and pay a monthly subscription fee for this, we will send you a separate invoice. We call it the Invoice.

You will normally receive an email on the 1st of the month to say your invoice for the subscription costs is ready for you in the Stager backstage, at the Billing email address specified in Stager. And you can also download this Invoice on the Settings - Account - Billing page.

After four days, the invoiced amount will be collected from the bank account number you specified. We therefore do not collect this amount from your Adyen account, on which you receive all ticketing income.

3. Payout statement

There is a third document that you can download in the Stager backstage and that is the payout statement. You can schedule your payouts under Settings - Account - Payouts and a Payout statement will appear for every payout to your bank account. On this proof of payment you will find the following information:

  • Amount paid out

  • The payment method you have chosen

  • The bank account number to which the amount was transferred

4. Sales Reports

To properly register the payments and also to check your Stager invoices, there are various reports that can be downloaded in the Stager backstage. To do this, go to Reports - Accounting. The following two reports are especially important for your administration:

  1. Accounting by date - in this report you can see all ticketing revenues, Stager costs and VAT in a given period.

  2. Accounting by event - this report provides you with an overview of all revenue and costs for each event, including a breakdown of the VAT for that event.

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