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Administration using the accounting report
Administration using the accounting report

Which costs and income can you find in the accounting report?

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In this article we explain how you can correctly process all payments, ticketing income, refunds, Stager costs and VAT in your accounting.

The best way to keep your admin up to date is to do your accounts once a month. To do this, you download the Accounting by date report that you can find via Reports - Accounting - Accounting by date.

It is possible to download a report for each payment method, so that you can book in your online sales using Stager. These reports also offer the possibility to enter the debit and cash payments at the door, the payments on invoice and the refunds that you have entered into the accounting system via the bank. In this article we explain how you can best administer sales and refunds via Stager.

Accounting report

Go to the Accounting by date report in the Stager backstage. You can find this at Reports - Accounting - Accounting by date.

  • Select the month for which you want to do the administration

  • Choose the option 'Online' at Payment type

  • Download the report

You will now see an overview of all events for which tickets were sold that month, with the associated project types and event IDs. For each event we show the following information:

  • Revenue (incl. VAT): Total revenue minus Stager fees deducted - this is all ticketing revenue minus refunds minus Stager fees, which is the total amount you can pay yourself or have already partially paid out. All amounts include VAT.

  • Received (excl. VAT): Ticketing income ex. VAT - these are all ticketing revenues, where we have already deducted the VAT for you. Use this amount to book your turnover.

  • Refunded (excl. VAT): Refunds ex. VAT - these are all refund amounts per event, again excluding VAT. This is negative turnover, which you can enter separately, but you can also balance the income and refunds and make one turnover entry.

  • VAT payable (%): VAT to be paid - Listing each VAT percentage, you can find a total amount that you must pay in VAT on your ticketing turnover.

  • Stager fees (excl. VAT) - Stager costs: these are the costs that Stager has deducted for taking care of the ticket sales and for the refunds made through Stager.

  • VAT receivable (21%) - VAT receivable - Stager charges 21% for Dutch customers and diverts the VAT for international customers. In this column you will find the VAT amount you can reclaim from the tax authorities, provided you are a taxable entity.

With the help of the Accounting by date report you can start doing the bookkeeping. In the articles below we explain the accounting process:

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