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Increase a bank balance using a fund transfer
Increase a bank balance using a fund transfer

Refunding with an account balance that is too low.

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It is possible that you want to refund tickets but that your bank account has not yet cleared your incoming funds. If you don't want or can't wait for new ticket revenues to come in, it's possible to top up your account balance via Stager. We call this a Fund Transfer.

Please contact us at if a fund transfer is required. Together we must ensure that there is enough money in the Adyen account before your payment is made. These are the steps:

  • Contact support and indicate that the amount on your Adyen account needs to be increased. If you want to pay a refund, you can see how much is on your account and what the minimum amount must be. The difference is the amount to be added. Please indicate this amount in your message to

  • Agree the time period for when you want to pay the refund. In the meantime, no payout may take place, nor other tickets may be refunded, otherwise the account balance on your Adyen account will no longer be correct. If necessary, adjust the payout mode to 'Monthly on the 1st' via Settings - Account - Payouts so that there is more time to perform the refund or create a refund reserve.

  • You will receive an invoice for this amount plus the agreed fund transfer costs.

  • After the invoice has been paid, we ensure the account balance is increased within the agreed period, so that you can make the refund.

To always keep some money in your account to take care of refunds, set up a refund reserve. You do this via Settings - Account - Payout. The refund reserve is an amount that you set yourself. This amount will not be paid out but will be kept on your account in case you want to make a refund immediately after a payout.

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