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General overview of the payment process
General overview of the payment process
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If your organization has a Stager account, you must also create an account with our payment service provider Adyen in the Stager backstage. That is a kind of “bank account” that you control via Stager. You can see for yourself backstage which ticket income is registered, and you can pay yourself and also arrange refunds.

This registration with Adyen is also necessary if you have a Stager subscription to use our planning tools. The subscription costs are debited from the bank account number that you specify during registration.

Selling tickets

When someone buys a ticket, the order amount is automatically split. The fee agreed with Stager (including VAT) will be transferred directly to Stager and you will receive the remaining amount on your Adyen account.


In the case of a refund, the amount to be refunded will be taken from your Adyen account and refunded to the account of the ticket buyer. Stager also collects the agreed refund fee (including VAT) from your Adyen account.


When you pay yourself out, the amount to be paid out will be deposited into the bank account you specified. Stager then collects the agreed payout fee (including VAT) from your Adyen account.

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