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Introduction to Stager
The most important settings: a walkthrough
The most important settings: a walkthrough

Go through the settings before you begin

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Stager is configurable, and completely adaptable to your organization's workflow. It's easy to set up Stager yourself, without resorting to complicated courses or consultancy. Just follow the steps in our help centre. Start by creating your Settings.

These settings should be given priority:

  • Start at Settings - Planning, in the purple bar on the left. The first option displayed on the left is Locations. Here you enter the location that will appear on the tickets. You can add several and choose the right one for each event.

  • You can adjust the default ticket shop via Settings - Ticketing - Ticket shops. Here you can upload your own branding, customize the confirmation email and upload your Google Tag Manager ID for your online marketing.

  • Stay in Ticketing and click the tab next to Ticket shops, Ticket types. Here you choose the name and fee per ticket type. Please note that the fee is on top of the event ticket price. This fee is separate from the cost per ticket that you agreed with Stager in your contract. Also; you don’t set your event ticket prices in this section.

  • In Settings - Ticketing you can also find Registration. Here you choose the information you ask from your ticket buyers, when they register in the ticket shop.

  • Tabs in Marketing such as Email themes allow you to set the branding and design for your mailings.

  • The most important setting can be found via Settings - Account - KYC. Here you start the registration with the payment platform Adyen. You need to activate this before you can sell tickets.

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