Create Events

Create your first events and generate an overview.

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Stager works on an events-based system. First, you need to create an event - and all the essential components of that event - in the Backstage calendar.


Planning - Events takes you to the Stager calendar. Here you create new events and filter on your existing events. Click on the correct date in the agenda or choose the yellow button '+ Add new' at the top right to create a new event. You can also create a new event directly on the Dashboard (left in the purple bar).

Filter the calendar by day/week/month view at the top of the screen to create the right overview for yourself. In addition, you can show or not show events based on specific locations, labels, or statuses.


Once an event is created, a number of tabs will appear. For example, you start with ticket sales, publicity information and production planning. These have corresponding tabs in the event itself. You can now also find this event in other sections in Stager and, for example, create a guest list for it or sell door tickets for it.

For the last two options you must first create tickets in the event. Read more about that here.

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