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Ticket sales styling and customization

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You create and sell tickets for each event. In the previous article we described how to put tickets online. Below we take a closer look at a number of extra options that are available to give the sale more personality and shape.

Ticket shop and design

If you work with multiple ticket shops next to each other, you first choose from which ticket shop you want to sell this event. An event can only be sold from one ticket shop at a time.

If there are regular, group or locked tickets where sales will only start in the future, you can show a timer or an 'On sale soon' button in the ticket shop. Choose which option you want to use here.

Finally, you can also upload an image for the tickets. This overrides the image that is set in the settings for the tickets. All ticket types within an event have the same image.

Check the example

If you want to put additional information on the ticket, you can fill in a short sentence that fits here. Keep in mind that texts that are too long will be cut off from the ticket.

Don't forget to download an example using the 'Sample ticket' function to see how it will look.

Delayed tickets and TicketSwap

With the delayed tickets function you ensure that ticket buyers can only download their ticket 24 hours before the event starts. That way you make it more difficult for unscrupulous ticket touts and shorten the time it takes to resell tickets for a profit. You can only set this per event. Delayed tickets can always be sold via TicketSwap, even if the ticket buyer can not download the ticket itself.

You can choose which events use the SecureSwap link. This ensures that new barcodes are generated when tickets are resold via TicketSwap. You mainly use this option if you import or export tickets. Read more about this link.
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