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Using delayed download and sealed tickets
Using delayed download and sealed tickets

Make sure tickets do not become available until later, but can be resold through Ticketswap.

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With the delayed download option, you make sure that tickets are already sold, but can only be downloaded later by ticket buyers. That way, the chance of black marketeering and fraud is smaller. Stager has an integration with TicketSwap. This ensures that delayed download tickets can already be resold via TicketSwap, if you allow this. This is called 'Sealed tickets'. The ticket buyer cannot see the ticket itself, but can resell it.

Activate delayed tickets

You configure whether delayed download will be used on the 'Tickets' tab of an event. Via Settings - Ticketing - Ticketing defaults you set how many hours before the event starts the tickets are mailed to the ticket buyers. This is between 4 and 72 hours before the event starts.

When ticket buyers purchase a ticket with delayed download, they receive an email with an order confirmation. This will include which event tickets were purchased for, how many tickets they bought and the price per ticket.

If your event already has tickets on sale, we do not recommend setting up delayed download mid-sale. Some ticket buyers have already received a ticket, while others are still waiting for a ticket. This causes confusion, and you don't want that.

The moment you deactivate the delayed download option, all ticket buyers will receive an email with a button to download the tickets.

Sealed tickets

Tickets with delayed download can also be resold via TicketSwap just like normal tickets. This is set in the Ticket tab of the event.

Select Enabled behind Sealed tickets to allow the tickets to be resold before the download link is received. Select Disabled if you don't want the tickets to be available for resell on TicketSwap before the download link is received.

Once a ticket buyer has purchased a delayed download ticket, they can use a button in the Stager ticketshop to offer these tickets for sale online.

TicketSwap FairShare

Once sealed tickets are resold, you as an organizer can get a share of the profit on that ticket. At TicketSwap, this is called FairShare. To take advantage of this, you as an organizer must have a partnership with Ticketswap.

Click here to contact the TicketSwap Partnership team.

Learn more about FairShare here, or watch the video below.

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