The 'Ticket management' screen

Details of each ticket in Ticket Management.

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In Ticketing - Ticket Management you will find an overview of all tickets, sales levels of the event and how many people have already arrived (Scanned), broken down by ticket type, and web and door sales.

Choose the right event in the drop down at the top of the screen or, when in an individual event, click on the 'Tickets' tab via 'Quick links'.


In the table at the top of the screen you can see an overview of the numbers and statuses per ticket type.

In the first section you can see sold ticket numbers:

  • Online: the number of tickets sold through the ticket shop.

  • Door: the number of tickets sold at the door. This type also applies to guest tickets if you send them by email or put people on the guest list.

  • Total sold: the total number of tickets with the sales status 'Sold'.

The second part shows the status of the tickets:

  • Refunded: the number of tickets that have been refunded manually or automatically. With a refunded ticket, the turnover is returned to the ticket buyer, though the status of that ticket may still be valid.

  • Blocked: the number of tickets that have been blocked. Blocked tickets are no longer valid and cannot be scanned. A blocked ticket does not have to be refunded.

  • Swapped: the number of tickets swapped. Tickets can be resold via the TicketSwap service. If the TicketSwap integration is not disabled, a new ticket will be delivered to the new ticket buyer. Read more about TicketSwap here.

  • Reserved: the number of reserved tickets. Tickets are reserved when a buyer adds them to their basket in the ticket shop. They are also reserved for the guest list.

The last part of the table shows visitor info:

  • Valid: shows the total number of valid tickets in circulation; the expected limit of visitors.

  • Scanned: the total number of tickets scanned. You can also find this information in the app.

List tickets

This table shows all tickets for this event. These are tickets that have already been sold, but can also be reserved tickets to be paid for, or tickets that can still be bought, or used.

You can use the search function at the top to quickly search for a specific order or ticket. This page will not load all the event’s tickets in case of a large total. Scroll down and click 'Load more' to expand the list.

Click on the blue status, order number or contact name to see more details.

Select a ticket to perform an action on it:

  • Cancel door reservation releases tickets that have been reserved manually.

  • Refund is used for tickets that have been paid for but need to be refunded. Choose whether you want to refund the tickets manually via the bank or if you want to do this automatically via Stager. The ticket will still be valid, unless you also block it. Read more about ticket refunds here.

  • Use Scan to manually scan barcodes. You usually do this with the Stager app, but you can also search for and scan the relevant tickets in Ticket Management. It is also possible to select and unscan tickets. Handy if you accidentally scanned contacts or if you want visitors to be able to use the same ticket several times.

  • Use Block when you want to declare a ticket invalid. Block a ticket if you have refunded the ticket, or in case of a wrong sale that needs to be corrected, or a discovered fraud, a blacklist or other reasons why a ticket - or person - does not, or can not be allowed entry. When scanning, it is indicated that the ticket is not valid, because it is blocked. The blocked ticket will be released for sale again.

You can add a Comment when you make a refund or block a ticket, to record why a ticket has been refunded. This can be useful for the accountant. This comment can be found on the Ticket Details page of each individual ticket.

Refund, Block and Scan can be undone by clicking Undo refund, Undo block or Unscan.

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