Create and share itineraries

Share production info and appointments with external parties

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You can use an itinerary to share production information with external parties, such as performing artists. This way they know exactly where they need to be, who the contact person is and what the time schedule is. You create the itinerary at the touch of a button with information that is already in the Program item.

The Program tab

In the Program tab of every event you can create an item for each program component. This can be done for each performing act, or where you record all production preparations. The Program tab contains the script for each program item, who the contact persons are, which technical equipment you need for this production, etc. The information from the Program tab is the basis for the itinerary.

Making an itinerary

If you want to share information about an item of the program, select the yellow button 'Create itinerary' at the top right of that item. You enter the itinerary builder and choose which info you want to include from the Program tab. This can be changed later.

  • First, choose whether you want to include the schedule. This is the script for each program item.

  • Select all the Topics, make a custom selection or just the topics used for this Program item.

The information in the Program item is now automatically included in the itinerary, though this does not apply to the notes, which are never included in an itinerary. Now, you can build the itinerary yourself. You can add text, remove Topics, or add new Topics that are not in the Program item.

The itinerary is collated from information from the Program item. Changes to the itinerary do not affect the original Program item. The opposite is true if you choose to share the information from the Program tab to the itinerary. The Program tab leads: if you then change something on the Program item, this will also be automatically adjusted on the itinerary. This way the external party is always aware of the latest information.

Extras and adjustments

At the top of the itinerary there are two fields that do not exist in the Program item: Header + General. The first is used to upload an image that appears at the top of the itinerary, such as your venue's logo. The second is a block with general information that you would like to share with the external party, without these being production agreements. Here you can put, for example, a route description, the parking policy around the venue and the WiFi password.


If you are happy with the information on the itinerary, you can publish it with the yellow button at the top right. This means that there is a public version of the itinerary that you can share with a unique link. After publishing the itinerary you can view, email, copy the link or print the page using the buttons on the top left corner.

Anyone with the link can view the itinerary. This is optimized for mobile use and can also be found in the Stager app. Click on a Topic in the yellow bar to go directly to your choice of topic in the itinerary. New information on the Program tab will always be updated to the itinerary.

It is possible to withdraw a published itinerary. This will make the link invalid and the itinerary will no longer be visible. If you want to publish again, the original link will again become valid, so the one link is always linked to the same itinerary. It is also possible to delete an itinerary, making the link permanently invalid. It is of course possible to create a new itinerary for this Program item. The new itinerary will get a new unique link.

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