Request information with Advancing

Requesting production information from the external party.

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As an organizer you plan productions in Stager. You therefore want to know in advance what you need to arrange with an external party. This can mean: what technical equipment they bring, or need, whether they eat at your venue and what dietary requirements they have, and whether accommodation needs to be arranged.

In Stager you create a form based around specific Topics, where include all open questions. You send a unique link to the external party and possibly provide a Due date. The party has until that date to complete the form, after which it closes. The received answers are immediately visible in advancing. If you have linked a Program item, the information will also be displayed with the topic on the Program tab, under that Program item.


Go to Planning - Advancing to see an overview of created advancing forms. At the top of the screen you can switch between the advancing forms that are in use or the archived ones. In the overview you see:

  • The name of the form.

  • Whether the form is linked to a Program item and if so, to which one.

  • The date on which the form closes and can no longer be completed by the external party.

  • The link to the published form.

  • The status by topic.

The list is in order of those forms due today, then those with a date in the past, and below, those with a date in the future. Archive a form by placing it on the second tab. This way you can keep a clear overview of what information you have already received and whether you still need to find answers. Archived forms are saved and remain visible.

Statuses by topic

  • Not in use: Topic is not used and is not visible in the form.

  • To do: Topic has been added to the form but information (texts, questions, files) needs to be added by the organizer.

  • In progress: Organizer has added information (texts, questions, files) to a topic.

  • Waiting for response: The advancing form is published but the third party has not yet added information.

  • Response received: The external party has answered a topic’s question(s).

  • Completed: The organizer has manually set the topic to the status 'Completed'. The external party sees that their answers are confirmed and can no longer change it.

Create an advancing form

Create a new advancing form via the yellow button at the top right of the screen, '+ New advancing form'. Give the form a name, closing date and possibly link it to an existing Program item. The form can also be linked later. Then choose the topics you want to use.

Developing the form

The created advancing form is very similar to a Program item, where the same topics can be found. For each topic you choose which information you want to add or request:

  • Text: Add a text as information for the external party.

  • Question: Ask a question, where the external party has the option to add an answer.

  • File: Add a file.

  • Request file: Ask a question where the external party can answer by uploading a file.

Sharing the link

After creating the form, you publish it. The published advancing form now has a public link, just like the Itinerary. Share the link with the external party and they fill in the data. You can withdraw the published link via Retract publication, then the form is no longer available. The form remains available to the organizer, where adjustments can be made. It's republishable, using the same link, so you don't have to share a new link. It is also possible to delete the advancing form, so it no longer exists and the link no longer works.

Reworking information

You can find the completed information from the external party on the right side of the advancing form. As soon as you link the advancing form to a Program item, you will also see the information that has been received via advancing in the Program item, under the relevant topic. Afterwards you share the agreements you make with the external party via an Itinerary. You can also see the progress in the advancing form for each topic in the Program item, and you can click directly on it. This way you are always aware of a production’s progress.

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