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The Stager mobile app

Supported mobile devices and downloads.

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Stager offers a free mobile app that allows you to scan tickets, monitor ticket sales, view production information and check personnel shifts.

Our mobile app is available for Android and iOS:

  • Apple iOS users will find the app in the App Store.

  • Android users will find it in the Play Store.

We support the last three major versions of iOS and the versions of Android maintained by Google. There is a fair chance older versions work with our mobile app: we do our best to support as many devices as possible, but we cannot guarantee this.

We only support the latest version of our app. If you got it from the App Store or Play Store, you can set upgrades to install automatically.

Some Android devices (such as Datalogic scanners) do not have a Play Store. That's why we also offer Android packages (APKs) as direct downloads.

In addition to a supported version of your mobile OS, you also need a wireless network connection to use the mobile app. A WiFi connection is required for an iPod. As far as iPhone and Android devices are concerned, our mobile app works with WiFi, as well as 5G, 4G, 3G and even with a GPRS connection.

Does the app constantly log out and do you have to log in again at the door? Set a screensaver (PIN code or figure) on the scanning device. The Stager app automatically logs out for security reasons if no screen saver is set on the device.

Supported browsers

You should use the Stager Backstage environment on an internet browser. We support the latest versions of Chrome and Safari for the Backstage on desktop. It is possible other browsers will work too, (such as Mozilla Firefox), but they are not officially supported.

For ticket shops, we try to support all current browsers, both desktop and mobile. We check the statistics of browser use in Europe. We see all browsers with a user share of 1% or more as common. For these browsers, we support the last three major versions for ticketshop visits. If there is a problem with a browser that we do not officially support, but is widely used, we will do our best to solve the problem.

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