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Set up two-step verification (2FA)
Set up two-step verification (2FA)

Extra security for your backstage account.

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To provide extra protection for your data, you can set up a 2FA (two-step verification) for your organization. This means that after entering their username and password, all users must also log in using a code on their telephone.

If you enable 2FA, it applies to all users within the organization. It is not used for ticket buyers in the ticket shop.

Set up

Setting up the verification process works as follows:

  • Download and install the Google Authenticator app on a mobile device (phone).

  • Download the app for Android or iOS.

  • Enable 2FA via Settings - Account - Organization - Security. Here you select 'Enabled' to enable the verification.

  • Every user in your account is now automatically logged out.

  • Everyone has to log in again. A QR code appears on the screen. You scan this with the Google Authenticator app.

  • A unique code then appears in the app, which is constantly refreshed. The most recent code is used to log in.


You set up the extra verification on a mobile device. If you have lost your device or you have a new one, this verification must be set up again. This can be done using the recovery code that you receive when setting up 2FA. If you don't have that code at hand, only another user can reset it for you.

Users who can log in and edit other users can have the 2FA reset. If you open a user in Settings - Account - Users you can choose 'Send recovery mail'. At that time, the 2FA must be reset for this user. All the relevant steps are included in the sent email.

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