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How do I buy a ticket?
How do I buy a ticket?

What does the ordering process look like?

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The visitor buys tickets for events through Stager's ticket shop. This process consists of four steps:

  • Selecting tickets.

  • Entering personal information.

  • Payment.

  • Downloading tickets.

1. Selecting tickets

The organizer normally communicates via their own website, newsletter, or social media, the ticket links for events. The ticket link generally looks like this:


Enter the name of the organization yourself in the square brackets.

In the ticket shop you will see the events. The ticket buyer clicks on the desired event and selects the tickets. They are then placed in the basket and reserved for checkout. The ticket buyer clicks on 'Place order' to continue.

2. Personal Information

The email address is added in the next step. There are two possible options:

  • The email address is registered with the organization. The ticket buyer can proceed directly to checkout without logging in, or by logging in with a password.

  • The email address is not yet known. The ticket buyer can choose between creating an account or continuing as guest. They must enter at least a name and email address. As an organizer you can choose to request additional information.

3. Checkout

In this step of the process, the email address the tickets are sent to is stated at the top of the page. Here the ticket buyer checks the order overview, ticks opt-ins and chooses a payment method. The visitor is then forwarded to a bank or bank app, where the online transaction is carried out.

4. Downloading tickets

If the payment is successful, the visitor will be sent back to the Stager ticket shop by the bank. Here the visitor can directly download the tickets, share them or put the event in their own agenda app. If the ticket buyer has purchased tickets on a mobile, they will also see the option to view the tickets or download them in a wallet. At the same time, an email will be sent with the link to download the tickets.

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