Waiting room during peak sales

How does the automatic queue work at busy times?

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You’d obviously prefer to sell out all your tickets for each event, within 10 minutes. This can also mean your ticket shop gets very busy. Stager keeps the busiest sales running smoothly by queuing ticket buyers when demand is high and managing the flow of visitors. They get controlled access to the ticket shop where they experience a pleasant user experience.

You don't have to do anything about this. Stager keeps a close eye on things and activates a waiting room when a lot of visitors are seen in a ticket shop. When the crowds drop, the waiting room disappears automatically.

Message to waiting ticket buyers

In the ticket shop settings you can write a message that is visible to the ticket buyers who are in the queue. The text is immediately visible upon activation and can be adjusted as long as the queue is active. The new text is displayed in real time in the waiting room. Also upload your own logo so your visitor knows they are in the right queue :)

You can see on the Dashboard when a waiting room becomes active. It shows how many visitors there are in your ticket shop and in the waiting room.

Single event ticketshop

The digital queue works best in a single event ticket shop. This is the direct ticket link that you will find in the event on the 'Tickets' tab via the 'Get ticket link' button. For organizations that use an embedded ticket shop, we advise sharing the single event link and to forward ticket buyers directly to the Stager ticket shop when it is busy.

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