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Sell tickets with delayed download via TicketSwap
Sell tickets with delayed download via TicketSwap

Sell your tickets as Sealed tickets via TicketSwap

Updated over a week ago

If you bought a ticket with delayed download for an event, you may still be waiting for the download link. TicketSwap allows you to sell your purchased ticket even before you receive this link, if the organization from which you bought a ticket allows it.

If you have bought a ticket for an event, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. In the footer of the mailing you will find a link to TicketSwap under the heading 'Practical information'.

After you press this link, the ticketshop where you bought your ticket will automatically open. Here you press the 'Sell on TicketSwap' button to sell your tickets via sealed tickets. Next, create an account at TicketSwap or log in with an existing account to sell your ticket.

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