Print settings for Chrome

How to set up the Chrome browser if you print door tickets.

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Below you will find the print settings if you print door tickets with a Boca printer. After the driver and printer are installed, set up Chrome to print as effectively as possible. The settings for Windows and Mac OSX are not the same.


Do not use Chrome's print screen, it does not work well with this format.

In the Chrome print screen, choose "print using system dialog" / "Print using system dialog". Here you select the correct printer (BOCA) and the paper size 6x3.25in.

Do you not want to see the Chrome print screen? Go directly to the print screen of your Mac. Read here how to do that.


Open Chrome, click on the three dots below each other in the top right corner and choose “Print” (CTRL-P).

Then choose "Landscape" under "Layout" and click "More Settings" to select "None" under "Margins". Set "Paper Size" to "Ski" (Windows) or "BOCA 6x3.25in" (Mac OSX).

Now print a ticket in Stager, to make a test print.

Adjusting a ticket

With some combinations of browser and operating system, you have to reduce the print size. This can be done via the System dialog box. Another way to get the ticket to fit is to change the Margins in Google Chrome.

Select "Custom" for margins in the print window and drag and adjust the margins on your screen, until the ticket can be printed correctly.

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