Boca printer settings (Windows)

This is how you install the Boca printer.

Updated over a week ago

Do not connect the printer immediately, install the driver first!

Step 1. Install the drivers

Download the drivers from Boca Systems. And run the Windows installer.

Step 2. Configure the printer

Now connect the printer with the USB cable. The printer is set up by Windows. Then go to Settings - Devices - Printers & scanners.

Check if the printer is “Default”. If not, right click and choose "Set as default". Then click on the correct printer and choose Manage - Printing preferences.

In the next window choose "Orientation “Landscape".

Then click on "Advanced" and in the next screen choose "Ski" for paper size.

After this, you will also need to adjust the printer properties. Select the printer and then "Printer properties".

In the Paper Size option, select "Ski".

The next step is to correctly set the print settings in Google Chrome. Read here how to do that.

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