Receipt printer settings

Print settings for printing door tickets with a receipt printer.

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Install the driver before connecting the printer!

The Stager ticket is designed for a Boca printer. By adjusting settings, the ticket can also be made suitable for a receipt printer.

Step 1. Install the driver

Download the drivers from Starmicronics. Choose the right driver for your printer. Run the Windows installer (the installer will take a while).

Step 2. Configure the printer

Connect the printer with the USB cable. The printer will be set up by Windows. Then go to Settings - Devices - Printers & scanners.

Check if the printer is “Default”. If not, right click and choose “Set as default”. Then click on the correct printer and choose Manage - Printing preferences.

In the next window choose Orientation “Landscape”. Then click on “Advanced” and in the next screen choose “72 mm x 200 mm” under Paper size. That "200 mm" sounds a bit strange, but it's not really relevant to the length of the receipt. Please choose this setting!

Step 3. Print Settings for Chrome

Open Chrome and choose “Print” (Ctrl+P)

Then choose “Landscape” under “Layout” and choose “None” under “Margins”. Now print a test ticket in Stager.

Adjusting the ticket

With some combinations of browser and operating system, you have to reduce the print. This can be done via the System dialog box. Another way to get the ticket to fit is to change the Margins in Google Chrome.

Select "Custom" for margins in the print window and drag and adjust the margins on your screen, until the ticket can be printed correctly.

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