Printing tickets at the door

What is the best way to print door tickets?

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Stager tickets are designed for a certain format and a certain printer: the Generic Ski ticket for the Boca printer. However, it is also possible to print tickets with, for example, a receipt printer or on a regular A4 printer. To do this, the standard print settings must be adjusted.

Boca printer

Boca Printers are designed to print a large number of professional looking tickets in a short time. Boca Systems works with a general purpose printer, the Lemur series; one printer for different sizes and types of tickets. The paper size Stager requires is Generic Ski Format (BOCA 6x3.25in). The tickets are 8.3 cm wide and 15.2 cm long.

Purchase by contacting TLS Boca Systems (+31 (0)10 2210 660 /

Laser / Inkjet printer

If you print Stager tickets on a regular A4 sheet, only the top part of the page will be printed with the ticket. If you want the ticket to look a little more elegant, it is possible to pre-print the bottom of the page with, for example, the monthly program. This way you can also sell good-looking tickets via presale addresses.

Stager B.V. is not responsible for installation and correct operation of equipment.

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