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How can I rotate a Boca ticket 180°?
How can I rotate a Boca ticket 180°?

The Boca ticket prints “upside down”, how do I correct this?

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In some cases, a Boca ticket leaves the printer in exactly the wrong way, so that the barcode no longer falls along the tear line. Here’s how you can solve the problem.

There is one setting that allows the print to be rotated 180° through the printer’s driver. This setting is called ORIENTATION where you choose between 'normal' or 'reversed'. The NORMAL setting is often active (factory default). Try changing this setting to REVERSED.

More information about the orientation command can be found in this article: Change orientation setting.

Adjust printer setting ORIENTATION via control panel

  1. Checking and adjusting the ORIENTATION setting is best done using the control panel (push buttons and display) on the printer. Follow the steps below to access and use the FACTORY MENU:

  2. Tickets must be loaded into the printer. The LCD window will show FGL-46N# - SB# (# - numerical value depends on revision level; N# represents the software series level; B# is the font).

  3. Press both the MENU and the CHOICES buttons simultaneously for about 3 seconds. The LCD window shows FACTORY MENU. If the buttons are held down longer, different menu items will be displayed.

    NOTE: Inappropriate use of the factory menu can disable your printer.

  4. Use the MENU key to go to ORIENTATION?.

  5. Then use the CHOICES key to go to REVERSE.

    NOTE: There is a blinking cursor behind the currently set choice.

  6. Press TEST to select the displayed setting.

  7. The printer displays SAVING CHANGES and reboots.

Adjust printer setting ORIENTATION using commando

You adjust the setting by sending the following command to the printer, once. For this, you will need our ‘Configure and Test’ program:


The necessary program to do this can be found here: BOCA Printer configuration & test programs

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