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Scanning tickets at the door
Scanning tickets at the door

What devices you can use to scan tickets at the door.

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You have sold tickets and are now scanning them at the door with the Stager app. Read below how to set this up and other practical tips.

Scan user

Every user who can log in to the Backstage environment can also log in to the app with the same data. Multiple people can log in to the app with the same data. So we advise to create at least one scan user that can be used at the door by several people at the same time.

Get permission to scan in Settings - Account settings - Users. Set Ticket Scanning to Modify and this “User” can start scanning. In addition, there are other permissions that may be important, such as Check-in guests.

Scan with the app

Stager has a Scan app for IOS and Android that allows you to quickly and easily scan tickets, manage the guest list and view visitor numbers.

Scanning does not use that much data, but it is considerably faster if you use an exclusive network. So you don’t have an overloaded general network (at festivals, for instance), but rather your own WiFi point.

The app automatically logs out if the device you are scanning with does not have a screen saver (PIN, pattern, fingerprint, etc.), and the screen goes off. Please set a general screensaver to prevent this.


  • Tickets can be downloaded as a PDF and can be printed. Nowadays, almost every phone can read the code from another phone screen. Some phone scanners can do this better than others. The only way to check is to test.

  • To make things easier at the door, ask the visitor to open their ticket directly in their phone's browser. They no longer need to download a PDF, but can immediately open the page to show the QR code.

  • Each ticket has both a QR code and a barcode. The QR code is read faster by cameras.

  • It is possible using a laptop with a barcode scanner to scan via USB. This is especially useful if you sell tickets at the door with the same laptop. But it's not a quick way to scan tickets.

  • In addition to scanning with the app on a phone, you can also scan with a professional scanner that reads barcodes. For advice on such devices, please contact Stager support.

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