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Refunds with the app

Refunding tickets with the app

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With the Stager app, you easily refund tickets directly at the door. When you perform the refund with the Stager app, the money being refunded is taken from your organization's Adyen account. In this article, you'll read how to perform a refund with the app.


At the bottom of the Stager app's main menu, select Refund to start refunding a ticket.

There are two options to start the refund:

  • Through the Scanner that opens automatically. Scan the barcode of the ticket you want to refund to start the refund.

  • Select Barcode if you want to initiate the refund by entering the barcode of the ticket. Enter the correct barcode and select Check the code to perform the refund.


After scanning the ticket or entering the barcode, the refund drop-down menu appears. You'll have the following options:

Refund action

  • Refund and block: refund the purchase price and block the ticket.

  • Refund: pay back the purchase amount. The ticket remains valid after the refund.


  • Include service fee: also refund the set service fee.

  • Exclude service fee: do not refund the set service fee.

Ticket information displays the purchase price, service fee and refund fee of the ticket. Behind Total you see the total amount that will be refunded.

Swipe the yellow button to refund the ticket and block it if necessary. The refund will be issued within three business days. The ticket buyer will immediately receive an email confirming the refund and the time frame when the money can be expected back.

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