Membership tickets

Offer hidden tickets for selected contacts.

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Membership tickets allow you to sell specific tickets to pre-selected contacts. For example, you can let volunteers go to a show for free, give loyal visitors a discount on tickets, or allow donors to buy tickets earlier than the rest of the audience.

A membership status gives the possibility to buy a specific ticket type when you are logged in to the ticket shop. You create a ticket type for your target group or contact. As soon as that person logs in to the ticket shop, they will be recognized as a member and presented with that ticket type.

This ticket type is not visible in the ticket shop for non-member ticket buyers.

Set up

You first need to ensure that this ticket type exists, with the correct settings. Go to Settings - Ticketing - Ticket types. Create a new ticket type and choose 'Membership' in the drop down options.

Then choose individual contacts or a group of contacts and assign a membership. This way you link your target group, or chosen contacts to a ticket type. You can also regulate how many tickets can be ordered, per event, or in total.

Putting tickets online

Once set up, you can put this ticket type online in an event. Here you set the price (this can also be €0), set how many tickets are available for this event, and confirm when the sale starts. Then click on 'Get ticket link' on the yellow tab at the top right to share the unique membership link. With this link, members log in first and then immediately see the correct tickets for the event.

Membership passes

Memberships can also be used to issue membership cards. Each member has their own QR code that they can find in the ticket shop themselves. If someone has a membership for guest tickets that are available at the door, they can be checked in with only the QR code.

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