Create memberships from your contacts

Allow contacts to purchase a specific ticket.

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Memberships allow free or discounted access for certain contacts. Think, for example, of members who can buy tickets online at a discount or volunteers and employees who receive a pass that provides free access to events. You can also create Memberships for bands who then have an opportunity to “buy” slots for rehearsal rooms.

A “membership” means the possibility to buy a specific ticket type when you are logged in to the ticket shop. This ticket type is normally not visible in the ticket shop. You can switch this ticket type on or off for each event, but the contact must first have a membership for this ticket type.

A membership can be a Membership ticket - this concerns paid membership - or a Guest ticket, for free memberships. First create these ticket types in Settings - Ticketing - Ticket types before you can assign them to contacts.

Memberships are created as follows:

  • Go to Marketing - Contacts.

  • Then search for a contact, or create a new contact.

  • In the Membership tab you assign a ticket type. Only tickets that have been given the type 'Membership' or 'Guest ticket' in Settings - Ticketing - Ticket types can be assigned. Use Membership tickets for discount tickets and Guest tickets for free entry. Read more about ticket types here.

  • Enter a start and end date. Make sure that the event for which the member is allowed to buy tickets is within that date range. Is the event outside that date? Then visitors cannot buy membership-only tickets for the event.

  • Under Membership you indicate for each ticket type how many tickets can be obtained during each given period.

If you do not enter anything, there is no ticket limit.

  • The photo that is uploaded appears when the barcode or QR code of the pass or e-ticket is scanned, for verification by the cashier. We recommend you also print the textual version of the barcode (e.g. “SR7785811599144”) on a card.

  • Use only PNG or JPG/JPEG files for the photos.

A new barcode is created using Regenerate. If you regenerate a barcode, the previous barcode becomes invalid and the contact can no longer enter with the old barcode.

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