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My memberships and personal QR code
My memberships and personal QR code

Look up your own memberships and QR code in the ticket shop.

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An organizer can offer specific visitors cheaper or free tickets. This is done through memberships and used, for example, to reward venue volunteers with free tickets, to get donors to order tickets sooner or to offer partners a discount.

As a member you will see an overview in the ticket shop of the tickets you can order, how often you have already ordered tickets and where you can find your personal QR code.

When you log in, you will see your own personal barcode and various memberships in the ticket shop via Menu - My memberships. Each membership is linked to a ticket type. You can see the validity of the membership, the maximum number of tickets per event and how often this ticket type has already been used.

You will find this overview when you log in via the following link:


Enter the name of the organization at [organization] to complete the link.

Some organizers allow entry with a member pass. The code on the membership card corresponds to the QR code that you can find here. This QR code can be scanned on your mobile for access to an event. This function needs to be agreed with the organizer.

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