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Checking in contacts who can’t show their ticket
Checking in contacts who can’t show their ticket

Check in contacts without a ticket in the Stager app.

Updated over a week ago

A visitor is at your entrance and presents a ticket barcode that can no longer be scanned. Or; the visitor cannot show the ticket because the phone battery is empty. No worries! Search for the ticket by name or email address and then manually check in the visitor.

In the scan window, choose Contact in the yellow bar. Enter the name or email address and select the correct ticket buyer. You can scan them directly by swiping to the right, or you can check the details of the ticket and then click check in contact. The ticket will then be marked as SCANNED.

If you don't scan using the app but in the backstage environment, on a laptop or computer? Then you can check visitors in via Ticketing - Ticket Management. Search here by the name of the visitor and select the ticket you want to check in. A yellow bar will now appear with a button called 'Actions'. Click the button and choose the option 'Scan'. Your visitor is now checked in.

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