How can I rebook tickets?

Exchange or return tickets.

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A visitor bought a ticket for an event that takes place over several days. Now they find out that they bought a ticket for the wrong date and want to come on a Friday instead of Saturday. How do you ensure that this ticket is rebooked?

There are two options:

  • The fast way.

  • The administratively correct way.

The fast way

The fast way ensures your ticket buyer has the right ticket and can enter without any problems.

  • Look up the Saturday ticket in Tickets - Ticket Management and Block the ticket. This will invalidate the ticket and create a new ticket for Saturday that can be purchased by someone else. Leave a comment for your accountant so they know this income should have been included on Friday.

  • Go to Marketing - Contacts and find the ticket buyer. Scroll down and click Send Message.

  • Send an email and add a free ticket for Friday. Read here how to do that.

The administratively correct way

To keep Stager completely correct administratively, follow this method.

  • Refund the Saturday ticket in Ticket Management. Choose whether to refund the ticket manually or via Stager. Make sure you also block the ticket by choosing Refund & block at the confirmation. Now the ticket is invalid and refunded.

  • Ask the ticket buyer to purchase a new ticket, but before Friday.

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