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Create tickets for multiple days, multiple locations and guaranteed reserved seats
Create tickets for multiple days, multiple locations and guaranteed reserved seats

Passe-partouts, day tickets and reserved capacity.

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You’re organizing a multidisciplinary festival over three days at several locations. There are concerts, parties and performances.

In principle, the public can visit all program components, but there are a number of performances and mini-concerts for which there are a limited number of places. You call them Extras. Tickets must be reserved for these or an extra ticket must be purchased. In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy these extras, everyone may only purchase one ticket per extra.

You’re selling:

  • Passe-partout ticket for all days.

  • Day tickets for Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

  • Tickets for the extra events with limited seats.

  • Free tickets for the extra events with limited seats.

Setting up ticket sales

The capacity of the festival is 1500 people.

Ticket numbers:

  • Passe-partout tickets: 1000.

  • Day tickets, per day: 500.

  • Smaller events, varying between 30 and 100 tickets.

How do you manage that?

  • You create three events with the names 'Friday ticket', 'Saturday ticket' and 'Sunday ticket'.

  • You create a mutli-access event with the name 'passe-partout'. For these two steps, see this article.

  • Under Settings - Ticketing - Ticket Types you can set what kind of tickets you want to sell, for example: early birds, presale, students. Also create a ticket type you can call Extra, for the events where a limited number of tickets are available. Make sure this Extra is listed under ticket category Membership.

  • Create an event for each Extra. You can, for example, give these tickets an entrance fee of €5.00 or €0.00 in the Tickets tab. Check that they can be sold online and indicate how many tickets are available.

There it is, your ticket sales are set up.

Reserve seats or purchase extra tickets via Memberships

You still want tickets to be purchased for the extras, whether for €0.00 or €5.00. You want these tickets to be available only to audiences who have already purchased a festival or day ticket. A while after your normal ticket sales go online, you can put your ticket sales for the extras online.

How do you do that?

  • Find everyone who has bought a passe-partout ticket via Marketing - Contacts - Audiences. The event is called 'passe-partout'.

  • Select all relations found, do not forget to click on select all, and then go to Bulk Edit - Add.

  • Add a membership at the bottom of the page. Select the ticket type Extra and indicate from when and until when the tickets may be sold.

  • If you want to limit the visitor totals for an extra event - for example five in total - enter this at Max Tickets. Perhaps to prevent fraud, or swapping tickets.

  • At Max per Event you enter 1. You want everyone to be able to obtain only one ticket per extra event.

  • Click Add.

  • Repeat these steps for the day tickets.

Now the extra ticket appears for all people with a passe-partout ticket or a day ticket. Send an email to everyone who bought a ticket, also via Contacts - Audiences and let them know that the extras are online! Your audience logs in with their account and fixes a ticket for an extra event.

You can even ensure that people who bought a day ticket for Friday only see the extra events that take place on Friday. Then create four extra ticket types; 'Extra Friday', 'Extra Saturday' and 'Extra Sunday'. In the Event - Tickets you select the extra that should go online. By assigning a Membership, you only select the Extra Friday for those who have bought a Friday ticket. For those with a passe-partout, add a Membership three times.

In this way you ensure that ticket sales are fully regulated under your control, and everyone with a ticket is guaranteed a place at the small program components.


Before you start your ticket sales in Stager, we advise you to think carefully about which options you want to offer. Want us to take a look before your ticket sales go online? Contact our support team via email or chat.

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