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Selling year, or season tickets through Stager
Selling year, or season tickets through Stager

Using memberships to sell this service through the ticket shop.

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Would you like to sell a year or season ticket? With a workaround in Stager you can do this.

Start and End

To sell a membership you need it to have a start and end date. To do this, create one membership event that spans the full season (or year).

In this event you can create tickets for ticket type Membership and sell them. The memberships are then always available in the ticket shop. When people “buy” the membership, they receive a ticket: this ticket is not the membership, but proof of payment. It is recommended you add this to the information of your membership event.

You can regularly check whether people have bought a membership. You can see this under Marketing - Contacts - Audiences. You create a membership for these visitors and then email and a barcode or print it on a card.

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