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Overview: The Contact account
Overview: The Contact account

How do you log in to the ticket shop?

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The Contact account is the account you use to log in to Stager's ticket shop environment. This is always linked to a unique email address and is used to buy tickets, schedule services or subscribe to the newsletter. This is a very different account than that used by the user who logs in to the Backstage.


You log in or create an account via the following link:


You still have to fill in the name of the organizer, where the square brackets are.

The email address you use must be unique for each organization. Each organizer owns 100% of all data. Stager does not have a central database where data is exchanged between organizers. Each contact must therefore create an account for each organization.

After creating an account you can immediately order tickets, be scheduled for shifts or receive the newsletter. In the ticket shop environment you can find previous orders or you can view shifts for which you are scheduled and specify your own availability for them.

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