Ticket shop countdown

Provide insight into upcoming ticket sales in the ticket shop.

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Do you want to hype up your audience for an event that will soon be on sale? Then turn on the countdown! In the ticket shop there is a countdown to the moment that the first publicly available tickets (a Regular, Locked or Group ticket) are for sale.

If you don't want to show a countdown but want to let your visitors know that the event is coming up, choose 'On sale soon'. The event is visible in your ticket shop with an On Sale Soon button. As soon as the sales start time of one ticket type begins, the button disappears and tickets can be purchased!

You manage this setting on the Tickets tab of an event. Make sure that ticket types have been added, the sales start time is in the future - you set this via 'Edit details' - and that 'online' is checked.

If no sale start is known, no countdown or 'On Sale Soon' button can be displayed.

Under the Ticket shop & design heading you will find Before sale start and choose one of the three options:

  • Don't show - the event will not be visible in the ticket shop until the sale has started. This is the default setting.

  • Show On sale soon - the event will be visible in the ticket shop with the message 'On sale soon'. It is not yet possible to buy or download tickets.

  • Show countdown timer - In the ticket shop you can see the event plus a timer that counts down to the moment the first publicly available tickets (Regular, Group or Locked tickets) go on sale.

The options apply equally to the single ticket shop, a ticket shop with multiple events and the minimal ticket shop. In the case of a single and minimal ticket shop combined with the ‘Don't show’ option, the message “It is currently not possible to buy tickets online for this event” is displayed.

Membership and guest tickets offered to members through the ticket shop cannot be purchased or downloaded while a countdown is running or the ‘On sale soon’ button is displayed. That setting applies to the entire event. To prevent regular visitors from looking at a countdown that counts down to when a membership ticket goes online - and then find themselves unable to buy a ticket - the sales start time of a membership or guest tickets is never added into the calculation.

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