Registering with Stager

Get started right away with organizing and ticketing

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You use Stager to organize your events. That’s really great to know, and welcome! This is how we work:

Log in to Stager

Maybe you already had a trial account at Stager. If so, click 'Upgrade' on the left, in the purple bar. Otherwise, you can register directly via our website:

Choose which plan you want to use and confirm the details. You need the name of your organization, Chamber of Commerce registration and business bank account for this.

Registering the payment platform

Before you can sell tickets, or upgrade your account to Cool or Awesome, your organization must register with the payment platform, Adyen. You fill in the basic data in your Stager environment and you can immediately click through to have the following data checked by Adyen:

  • Chamber of Commerce registration

  • Business bank account

  • ID and address details of the ultimate beneficial owner

Read more about signing up with Adyen here.

Customizing your account

Once your registration with Adyen is in order, you can immediately sell tickets or upgrade to our Cool or Awesome packages. But of course, you want your ticket shop to look attractive, and that your tickets have the correct name and you collect the correct information from ticket buyers. Go through your first settings and make sure everything is how you want it.

Read more about the Stager settings here.

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