How to use locked tickets

Show tickets after the correct code is entered in the ticketshop

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Stager lets you sell special, discounted tickets at the door and in the ticket shop, which can only be “seen” after a promotional code has been entered. This works as follows:

  • Go to Settings - Ticketing - Ticket types and create a new ticket type. Give it a suitable name such as 'promo ticket' and select 'Locked' as use.

  • In the Event - Tickets tab of the event you want to create the promotion for, you will see the created ticket under Locked Tickets. Enter the (discount) price and enter a promotional code. The visitor enters this promotional code later in the ticket shop and then sees the locked tickets.

  • Click on 'Edit details' to adjust further sales settings, such as sales period or maximum number of tickets that can be sold per session.

  • You then distribute this promotional code to potential visitors stating that, by entering this code, they can get tickets for the event at a discount.

  • In the ticket shop, the customer clicks on the event and there they can enter the promotional code. Then the locked tickets become visible.

The promotional code is case sensitive. Also, be careful not to accidentally put a space before or after the code. This can make it seem as if the code doesn't work.

Promo codes can be used multiple times. Only the number of tickets per session and the total number of tickets can be limited.

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