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Use unique promo codes for discounts on tickets

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With promo campaigns, ticket buyers obtain tickets at a discount. With a promo campaign you issue unique codes that contain percentage or euro discounts on regular tickets. A promo campaign always relates to regular tickets (not group or membership tickets) and is not linked to an event.

NOTE: The promo campaign only gives a discount on the ticket price and not on the service fee you charge. If you want to offer tickets completely free of charge, you will have to use a ticket type with no service fee.

Until now you worked with Locked tickets in Stager. This is a separate ticket type within one event with one working code that can be reused. Read more about that here. This is going to disappear in a few months and will be completely replaced by the promo campaigns.

Create a campaign

You create a promo campaign via Marketing - Promo campaigns. Click on '+ Add new' at the top right to create a campaign.

You enter the following information:

  • Give the campaign a name

  • Choose a regular ticket type to which the discount relates

  • Choose whether Stager generates the codes or enter one or a list of your own codesIf you chose 'Generated', choose the number of codes to be created

  • Choose how often each code can be used

  • Specify what the discount is and whether it is in euros or percentage

  • Specify the period within which these codes can be used

Voila, you have created a promo campaign. There are now promo codes valid that give you a discount on regular tickets. You still need to share these codes with the public. To make that easier we have linked the promo campaigns to the mailer.

Send by mail

To easily send promo codes to your target audience, we've linked promo campaigns directly to the Stager mailer. You send unique promo codes through the mailer and Stager then automatically creates a campaign for you. It works as follows.

Go to Marketing - Mailings and create a new mail or open a draft. From the options on the left, choose the 'Promo code' block and drag it into your mail. You fill in exactly how you want to use this campaign:

  • Enter a text to be shown above the code

  • Select the regular ticket type for which this code is valid

  • Choose whether you will work with a percentage discount or whether the code will provide a number of euros discount

  • Enter the percentage or amount of discount

  • Specify until when this code can be used

Once you send the email, each recipient will receive their own unique code that can be used once. This code relates to a regular ticket type and is not tied to an event.

Overview current campaigns

After you send the mail or after creating a campaign you will see it in the overview via Marketing - Promo campaigns. Here you can see the name, ticket type and validity of the campaign. You can also see at a glance how many codes of the total have already been used. Click through to 'View promo campaign' for details.

Here you can choose to stop a campaign early by deactivating it (and reactivating it later). You also select View details to see when a code was used, by whom, for which event, in which order and which ticket was purchased with it.

In the ticketshop

The ticket buyer enters the promo code at the order summary by clicking "I want to use a promo code" and the discount is applied to the order. In the example below, a 50% discount is given on the ticket price.

After entering the promo code:

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