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A chargeback is a return on a credit card payment (VISA, Mastercard) by a ticket buyer or a SOFORT payment without financial cover. In both cases, the ticket has already been issued, but not paid for. Stager charges an administration fee to contest and process this.

Credit card

A chargeback on a credit card is requested by the ticket buyer. A reason must always be given for this and is intended as consumer protection against rogue online sellers. The product Stager provides is the ticket. It therefore does not happen that a chargeback is justified and Stager will always contest a chargeback requested by the ticket buyer. This is done automatically and you as an organizer do not have to do anything for this. In all cases, €25,- administration costs will be charged.


A chargeback for a SOFORT payment is a different story. SOFORT works in such a way that an account holder always has 48 hours to withdraw a payment. This is due to the legislation of Germany and Switzerland. The ticket has already been issued in those 48 hours and the event may even have already taken place. The ticket buyer is still entitled to a refund of the money.

In addition, there may not be enough money in the ticket buyer's account. Some banks work at a slower pace on weekends and public holidays, and the balance is only updated later. So there is always a balance check, but if several payments cross each other, the balance is updated too late. In that case, it may be that someone buys a ticket on Saturday and goes to an event on Saturday evening. If this person does not have enough balance, the bank will only find out on Monday and this payment will become a chargeback.

A SOFORT chargeback can never be contested. Stager does not charge any administration costs for this.


In the event of a chargeback, Stager will report this directly to the organizer. This states what we advise to do (if the event has not yet taken place, block the ticket). If a chargeback is contested, we will let you know and keep you updated.

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