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Selling tickets online
Selling tickets online in the ticket shop
Selling tickets online in the ticket shop

The ordering process explained.

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You can sell online tickets through the Stager ticket shop. In this article, we'll show you how to change its appearance and what the ordering process looks like.

Appearance of the ticket shop

As an organizer, you determine exactly what the ticket shop looks like. Choose the background, colours, logos and texts that the ticket buyer will experience. You do this via Settings - Ticketing - [ticket shop name].

The order process

As soon as tickets are put on sale online, anyone can choose to buy them. The tickets are then reserved so that they are available to be emailed after the payment is made. As a visitor you confirm the order and you must enter an email address. If the email address is known in this Stager environment, there are two choices:

  • Enter password and log in with it.

  • Continue immediately without logging in.

If the email address is not known in the system, the ticket buyer must first register. This is always at least a name + email address. Choose whether you want, or require more information.

In both cases, the ticket buyer will be shown in the order overview. Here you will find the email address where the tickets will be sent, which tickets are in the basket and their full cost (ticket price + service costs).

The ticket buyer chooses a payment method and is forwarded to the online banking environment. When the payment is successful, the order will be sent back to the Stager ticket shop, to download the tickets. At the same time, an email will be sent with a link to download the tickets at any time of choosing.

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