Sharing tickets

Visitors share tickets with their groups

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If visitors buy tickets, they can share these tickets themselves with those who attend the event with them. In this case, Stager creates a unique link that buyers share amongst themselves. The recipient can show part of the ticket sale themselves at the entrance. And the original purchaser knows exactly which tickets they shared and with whom.

With shared tickets, the barcode will be “fixed”, when you (re) download the entire order as a PDF ticket. That way you can't accidentally scan the shared tickets.

Sharing tickets

After the ticket purchase is settled, the ticket buyer can download all tickets as a PDF document. It is easier to share these tickets with a link. After paying, the ticket buyer sees the following options:

Click on 'Share tickets' and you will see two categories:

  • Shareable tickets

    All tickets that have not been shared.

  • Shared tickets

    All shared tickets, grouped by link.

In this example, four regular tickets have been purchased for the event 'Club T'. Choose here, per ticket, which you want to share and give the link a name (for example with whom you share these tickets).

Click on 'Share 2 tickets' to share them. Stager creates a unique link for these two tickets.

Because these tickets are shared, the barcode will be “fixed” to the PDF tickets when you download them again. This prevents the tickets from being accidentally scanned, even though they are intended to be used by others.

Under the 'Shared' tickets is the name given for the shared link. Click on 'Copy' to copy the link. You can share this link via WhatsApp or email, for example, so that the rest of the group can use these tickets. They do not receive a PDF document, but the link opens a mobile ticket. This is a web page containing the QR code (or barcode) that is scanned at the door.

If several links are shared, there are several links under the heading 'Shared', each of which can be copied, each with its own tickets.

Withdrawing the ticket link

It is possible to revoke previously shared links. You then choose 'Withdraw share link' so that the previously created link is no longer valid. At that time, the QR code and barcode on the PDF tickets will also become scannable when these tickets are re-downloaded. Only the ticket buyer can revoke the link: not the event organizer.

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