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How can I revoke shared tickets?
How can I revoke shared tickets?

Withdrawing a shared ticket link

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If you have shared a ticket, both the QR code and barcode of the shared ticket are taped over for you. It is possible to withdraw the shared link, even after sharing the ticket. How does it work?

Find the email for your ticket download in your mailbox and click 'Download tickets' to be directed to the ticket download page. Click 'Share tickets' to get a list of all tickets in your order.

Under the heading 'Shared' you will find the shared tickets as well as the option to revoke the shared link.

You can also log into your organiser's Stager account. From the menu, navigate to ‘My Tickets’. There, you select the event for which you have shared the tickets. Next, select your ticket in 'My tickets' and select the shared link under 'Shared'. Then select 'Withdraw shared link'.

When you revoke a shared link, the barcode becomes invalid and the sticker we placed over the original barcodes disappears. It can therefore now be scanned again.

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