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Share feature requests through Frill
Share feature requests through Frill

Contribute ideas to Stager.

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People who work with Stager often have great ideas on what would make the software even better. We regularly hear good ideas and are happy to work with them. That's why we use Frill where you put forward ideas and vote on existing ideas.

Logging in

There are 2 options to access Frill.

Option 1: Through the menu

Log into the Stager Backstage. At the very bottom of the Stager menu you will find the Feedback button. Press it to open Frill.

Option 2: Chat

Open the chat at the bottom right of the Stager Backstage when you are logged in. Start a chat and indicate that you have a good idea. You will then be redirected to a new tab where you can pass this on.

If you are logged into the Stager Backstage, click through to Frill via the following link. You are then automatically logged in:


*Replace [organization] with the name of your own organization.

After you have logged in you can set out your ideas and vote on other ideas.

Make it clear exactly what issues you are running into, and what the underlying reason is. Please do this in English, so that our users who do not speak Dutch can also give your idea a voice. Here at Stager, we'll keep an eye on these ideas and let you know what we're working on.

Announcements and roadmap

On the same platform, we let you know which features we are working on and we regularly share updates of new features. So this is the place to stay up to date with all the new features. Click on 'Check it out' when you open a chat to see this immediately.

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