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How can I create separate PDFs from a file with multiple tickets?
How can I create separate PDFs from a file with multiple tickets?

Splitting multiple tickets in one order.

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When an order has been made, the tickets for that order are contained in one document. Each page is a different ticket. It is very possible you want to distribute these tickets separately. You can select tickets for each order that you want to share individually.

Share the tickets

If you are going to download the tickets, choose the 'Share' option in the ticket shop. Select one or more tickets you want to share here. Give the link a name (for example, the name of the people you share the tickets with) and Stager will create a link. You copy the link yourself and send it to the group via WhatsApp or email or socials.

The people who have the link can view the tickets and have them scanned at the door. You can also revoke the link via the same method.

Split the PDF

Use Split PDF or read the illustrated step-by-step plan here if you want to split the PDF document into separate pages.

Split PDF is a web-based program that allows you to upload files. You indicate the number of pages that make up the document and select the option ‘Extract pages into separate files’. Optionally, you can now adjust the file names by checking the option ‘Customize split file's names’ and entering a filename.

After clicking the Split button, your PDF will be split up into pieces and downloaded as a ZIP file. This ZIP file contains all individual tickets from the order.

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