How do I email event visitors?

Find ticket buyers in Contacts.

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Stager has extensive options to find groups of ticket buyers based on events they visited. Create target groups based on events and ticket types via Marketing - Contacts - Audiences.

You can search for tickets purchased for an event, whether scanned, or not. You can also search by ticket type or visitor numbers.


To find all ticket buyers for a specific event, create a new audience and choose the following values:

Tickets - Bought for event - For one or more - [Name event]

Using the search field you add events to the list of events for which you want to find ticket buyers. These can also be for future events. You can make combined searches, e.g. visitors who have been to event X and/or event Y, but have not yet bought a ticket for event Z. You can then inform these people about the upcoming event.

Using Bought tickets of type you select one or more ticket types, such as 'Early Bird', if you only want to find the visitors who have bought an Early Bird ticket for this event.

Read more about creating advanced searches here.

Sending an email

Once you have selected a target group, for example ticket buyers of a specific event or period, you can send them a direct email with Stager. Under the search options, choose 'Show contacts' and you will get a list of contacts that fall within the target group. If you check the top box, you select the entire page. You then have the option 'Select all'. This option selects all contacts on the following pages.

After you have checked the contacts, you will see the option to email them at the bottom of the screen. Choose 'Email' to email all ticket buyers directly.


You want to find ticket buyers who purchased tickets for some selected shows, but not yet for an upcoming concert. You want to email them to bring this concert to their attention. Select the previous shows under Bought for event - for one or more, and the concert you want to highlight under Bought for event - for none of.

Click on Show contacts, and send an email to all contacts that come from this search, with a ticket link for the new concert.

Read more about sending free tickets with Stager here. And if you want to export data, here's how.

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