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Selling time slots in the ticket shop
Selling time slots in the ticket shop

Selling tickets that provide access for a specific time period.

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Stager lets you sell time slots easily: this means entrance to your event at a certain period of time. With time slots you ensure that you never exceed the permitted capacity of the public and it is clear to the ticket buyer when they are welcome. Below is the step-by-step plan on how to set it up:

1. Create events with a specific time slot

Create an event for each time slot in the calendar. Put the time slot in the name of the event, for example Hugging Llama (10am - 12pm). In each event you can sell different types of tickets (early, half price). If you use the Awesome package, you can use Series for this action. Series lets you link the time slots together and easily plan the events in the agenda. It’s much easier then to make any changes. We do advise you to use one, or a very few series per week, and not to make each total series too large.

2. Set up the ticket shop correctly

It is useful to create a separate ticket shop for time slots that don’t contain your regular events. In any case, make sure that all time slot events are visible in the same ticket shop. Select 'Date selection' in Settings - Ticketing - Ticket shops - ticket shop landing page. This lets the ticket buyer first see a calendar. They select a date in the calendar, after which the time slots of that day are loaded.

We suggest you change the Event display mode in the ticket shop settings to 'Date, name and start time'. Then the ticket buyer will see the times of the time slot in the ticket shop.

As soon as you open the ticket shop, you will first see a calendar. The ticket buyer selects a date. The events - here time slots - of that day are loaded and a ticket buyer can select a slot. By clicking on 'Continue shopping', the ticket buyer returns to the calendar to select a new date.

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