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Registering offline ticket sales in accounting
Registering offline ticket sales in accounting

Checking door tickets and booking them in the administration.

Updated over a week ago

In other articles in the 'Administration' section, we stated you can not only run an Accounting by date report for online sales and refunds using Stager, but that you can also generate statements for all sales and refunds that have been accepted in that month through the door checkout (Ticketing - Door sales) in Stager:

  • Card - pin payments.

  • Cash - cash payments at the till.

  • Invoice - payments by invoice.

  • Bank transfers - refunds that you make yourself through the bank.

You can choose to create separate suspense accounts for each payment method so that you can also properly monitor debit card income and cash, for example. Many organizers still collate all income before entering turnover, costs and VAT.

In principle, registering sales and refunds using these other payment methods in your administration works in the same way as online payments, with the difference that no Stager costs are deducted from such transactions. Of course, it is the case you also receive the money in a different way, and with a different frequency, and therefore have to register it differently.

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