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How do I link a payment to an order?
How do I link a payment to an order?

How you read the payment reference.

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If someone buys a ticket via Stager, then the payment reference can always be linked to that order. This way you can easily check what exactly happened in case of questions or ambiguities.

Depending on the bank and the payment method, information is shown with the payment. In 99% of cases there is also a payment reference that looks like this:


The first number after 'ORD' is a fixed code that is unique for each organizer. The second number is the most important, because this is the order number. It always consists of seven digits. You look up this order number at Ticketing - Orders to find out which tickets are in the order.

Click on the name of the ticket buyer in the order, to find out which email address these tickets have been sent to. In the order, go to the second tab 'Transactions on order' to find out whether the original payment was successful, or whether an automatic refund has taken place for the order.

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