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Download receipt for bought tickets
Download receipt for bought tickets

To use as invoice in an administration

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After buying tickets it is possible to download a receipt for the transaction. This receipt can be used for administrative purposes.

Buying tickets

The visitor always receives an email confirming the order. This email has an overview with the name of the event, number of tickets and a ticket download button. This last button is not present when delayed download is active. In that case ticket buyers receive an email 4-48 hours before the event starts.

In both cases the email has a 'Receipt' button. Click it to download a receipt.

Create a receipt

After clicking the button you are redirected to the Stager ticket shop and can add extra info to the receipt. Afterwards the receipt is generated and can be downloaded right away. The receipt can not be altered, ut it can be found again using the same ticket download email and clicking the 'Receipt' button again. This way receipts can be downloaded.

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